M.A.G.M.A. corporation, who is stationed on one of the military bases. Suddenly, a base is under attack and the protagonist is forced to fight for his life. Later, he is assigned by the General to assist officer Donaldson and his squad in protection of a secret bunker. The mission is a failure, all squad is killed by aliens, and the recruit is heading to evacuation site, where he is ambushed by his own troops. Surviving the ambush, he is heading to the bunker in order to find out what dark secret the General was trying to hide. After discovering that the General was trying to breed his own version of aliens, the recruit, allying himself with corporal Jane, also betrayed by the General, destroys the facility and travels to the General's headquarters using the teleport. Even though Jane is got killed, the recruit succeeds in defeating hordes of escaped aliens and the General's personal army. The recruit confronts the General, who is piloting a giant mech-suit, and kills him, ending his scheme.


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1. Mutant frogs