Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded image.

This is the script of the game, Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded.

Mission 1Edit

(The scene begins with the player in the road and walks. General Baker phones.)

General Baker (phone): This is General Baker. Good to hear you, after all this time... wish the circumstances were better. My men are inside the base. But the entrance gate is blocked. The M.A.G.M.A. Team that was here earlier staged from a garbage back off the main road behind you. They told me they left a cache of Dynamite there.

(The player begins walking and finds an red mark in the gas and player destroys it and walks and destroys another gas. Player walks and gets the bomb.)

General Baker (phone): Alright. Place the explosives at the gate and blow it up! Don't forget to fall back a safe distance.

(The player walks and placed the explosives at the gate and the gate explodes and enters the base.)

General Baker (phone): Good job entering the base. Now head for the elevator.

(The player defeats the monsters and head for the elevator.)

General Baker (phone): DAMMIT! The elevator is blocked. Try to activate it - we need you in here!!

(The player activates the elevator and goes inside the door and mission completes.)

Mission 2Edit

(The scene begins with the player inside the elevator and talks to General Baker.)

General Baker: About time you showed up! My boys are in trouble in the base quarters. Get down there and do what you can to extract them. Take this access card - it'll get you into the arsenal. If you need more weapons, use the TLS-Computer to buy anything you want. But for Chrissakes, get what you need quickly and don't Window-shop! The base quarters are down the corridor on the left side.

(The player goes and defeats monsters and goes far and finds Nicholas.)

Nicholas: God, it's good to see another human being! I thought nobody would find me in here! Forget the keypad, these... things have somehow shorted the system. Find the Transformer Area behind the dining room. Flip the main switch to restore power in this sector.

(The player goes to restore power in the sector and door becomes unlock.)

Soldier: The door's unlocked! Everybody inside!

(All the spiders comes, the player destroys it and meets Nicholas again by going back again. The monsters comes and soldiers and player starts shooting it.)

Soldier: Nicholas has to get back alive! Form around him - keep these bloody things back!

(The player and soldiers shoots all the monsters and protects Nicholas and sawed Kate Lia.)

Kate: Good to see you alive - let's get the hell out of here!

(Everybody shoots the zombies by protecting Nicholas.)

Kate: Stay where you are! Nicholas, check the Security System.

(Nicholas goes to check the Security System.)

Nicholas: Crap. Someone's blocked the Sector Controls and is operating the system remotely. I need a little time to block the signal. Wait here!

(Everybody waited, but the monsters came and everybody shoots the monsters except Nicholas.)

Kate: Get back!.. Get back!!!

(Everybody shoots the monsters till Nicholas finishes his checking.)

Nicholas: Almost there!

(Again everybody shoots the monsters till Nicholas finishes his checking.)

Nicholas: Ready!

(Player, Kate, Nicholas & soldiers goes away after defeating the monsters and mission completes.)

Mission 3Edit

(The scene begins with the player in the elevator and talks to Nicholas.)

Nicholas: Thank you. That improves our situation considerably! We just managed to finish, when the damned doors closed, trapping us. Hope there's another way out. I'm Nicholas, one of General Baker's engineers. Listen there's a generator complex in the office area... If you can find a reserve generator stabilizer, I'll be able to make something for you that will kick some serious ass.

(After Nicholas, player goes straight and talked to General Baker.)

General Baker: Excellent work! The base looks like a slaughterhouse. We don't know what the hell's going on... I need you to do recon work for me. Go to see what you can pry out of the office sectors here... There should be plenty of administrative computers around. Whatever hit these people. Hit them fast and hard. Kate Lia, one of my computer experts, well accompany you on this mission. She's waiting for you in the hallway. Good luck.

(The player goes to hallway and meets Kate and starts going inside the door.)

Kate: Look what those maggets have done with the place...

(The player and Kate goes to the door by shooting the monsters.)

Kate: I'll open this gate through the Security Terminal. The doors inside can only be operated from here. I'll open them one at a time, so they don't run you down in there. Once clear, head straight for the main office. Good luck. 

(The player goes inside the door and shoot the monsters.)

Kate: Watch yourself. I'm opening the first sector.

(Kate opened the first sector and all monsters came, player shoots all monsters in first sector.)

Kate: Nice work. I'm now opening the second sector.

(Kate opened the second sector. The player goes to the second sector and monsters comes. The player shoots all the monsters in the second sector.)

Kate: What a freakin' mess... Alright - time for the third sector.

(Kate opened the third sector. The players goes to the third sector and monsters comes. The player shoots all the monsters in the third sector.)

Kate: Okay, I'm opening the door to Sector Four now - Watch out in there, the lights aren't working.