Nail Gun Edit

"Unlimited ammo. Good for pin-cushioning things."

Nail Gun

Desert Eagle Edit

"Designed as a sport pistol. Used in numerous movies, giving it something of a reputation. This is one of the few gas-operated handguns ever produced, as well as one of the most powerful."

Desert Eagle

Flash Pistol Edit

"Uses small flares to lighten dark areas. Has unlimited ammo."

Magnum 44 Edit

"A fast and easy-to-use pistol, making it a good choice for beginners."

Magnum 44

Colt 1911 Edit

"Also known as 'Peacemaker,' the .45 is one of the most popular and legendary pistols in the world. Produced for over 200 years and still very popular."

Colt .45

W.I.P. Edit