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Alien Shooter 3

Alien Shooter 3  top-down shooter video game for PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, developed and publishd by Sigma Team. It is releasing on May 12, 2016 as confirmed from director Mike Taylor. It is an exclusive game in the Alien Shooter series and large-sequel of Alien Shooter 2. The game has new features and lot.


In the year, 2043, C.I.E.L. Energy Base sends its mercenaries to a top secret object. Supreme and dangerous experiments were held there and now they are beyond control. The player must complete a series of tasks, destroying anything and anyone in his path.

The game starts with the player meeting the local commander, George Ander, who requests what to do. The player goes to the first mission: where to enter the elevator to stop the incoming aliens. Many aliens have supreme skills. After the mission ends, the player meets George who tells to help him on his mission. Non-playable characters in every mission are Nick Johnson the Researcher, a C.I.E.L expert employee who is abducted by the aliens when the player becomes trapped in the facility's computer room, and 2nd is Lisa Jim, the soldier's protector and even helpful in some missions. While at the elevator, George Ander requests to player to disable the alien ships, so that aliens could not come. Once the alien ships are disabled, George discovers the alien leader, Duon is controlling the alien ships and Duon activates the formula of alien which destroys the entire world. George even discovers that Duon is a formula expert man. Large amount of aliens are enabled and the player is next sent to MSE-Elevator to discover some plans of Duon.

After battling many of aliens, the player finally entered the MSE-Elevator to control the war. While fighting many of aliens, the player should check the secret room where some plans are missing. Duon, gets angry as the player entered the elevator. But his plan is going successfully as per the group of aliens are growing more and more. The player gets trapped in the secret room as per the lights are not working. And the player teleports away as Duon controlled the room. The player goes to MIDE-floor where the player should activate the computer's code to view the alien's data. However, player finally sees the data of aliens and it shows the bio of aliens. Player then finally founds the data of aliens and reports to George and George tells him that he will control the alien army and player should get the disk where to find more informations.

After finding the disk, the player must go with the car to George's base and deliver it. George appreciates the player and player teleports to MKZ-12th floor.