Here are some myths you need to know about the game:

1. Firepower. The game shows that the pistols do 3 damage and shotgun does 20. Fact is, the shotgun just does 3-4x damage as the pistol. Another one is that the Minigun does 2x the damage of a pistol. Fact is, each minigun shot does as much damage as each shotgun shot. The Minigun is said to fire 25x as fast as the rocket launcher but in reality just fires 10x faster. There's another myth that says the plasma rifle does 80% more damage than the rocket launcher. That's totally bogus because you can kill the green and yellow armored dinos with 1 shot while for the rocket would take 4 shots. That sums up that the plasma rifle does 4x the damage of the rocket launcher. Lastly, there's one that says the Magma Minigun does 2/3 the damage of the flamethrower. It actually does the same as the plasma rifle. You've been fooled the whole time but now you know the true facts.