Weapon, handheld rifle.

"The latest model in the minigun/rifle skill series."

With its simplistic description and unassuming statistics, one could assume that this weapon isn't really up to the task when compared to other weapons of its tier.

But one would be sorely mistaken if this weapon was underestimated.

This eight-barreled gatling cannon has a high rate of fire and devastating accuracy, when looking upon the side of the weapon one can see the nuclear warning logo and we can assume that the bullets are indeed mini-nukes. If the simple icon on the side doesn't convince, i'm sure that one will find its effectiveness in battle as proof.

This weapon can clear a regular room of lifeforms within a second, the explosive bullets easily taking out several targets per hit as long as they are in close proximity to each other. When used against larger or well armoured enemies it is adviced to keep a constant fire upon the target until it is destroyed, SLRK will chew through most armour within seconds and such the target will be destroyed shortly.

This is a rather heavy weapon, and wearing a heavy protective suit is adviced when operating this weapon, since it does produce a lot of shrapnel. Also with the atomic nature of the projectiles it is adviced if proper radiation protection is taken into account. But testing has proven this weapon to be safe for its user, the biggest danger for the operator is probably the rotating barrels or the off chance of dropping it on ones feet.

This is a weapon fitting an elite operator whos job it is to clear a site of all hostile targets. It is not adviced for delicate operations, such as hostage rescue or law enforcement. Unless the expected hostiles are highly dangerous and any civilians can be kept out of harms way.

It is easy to pinpoint a user of this weapon due to the distinct sound it makes when fired.