Theseus – Return of the Hero is a computer game created by Sigma Team. It was originally released in 2008. Theseus – Return of the Hero is the logical sequel to Alien Shooter. Theseus – Return of the Hero also downloads and plays fine with Windows Vista.

Aliens assaulted the Earth. Despite all the human efforts to resist monster invasion, the blood-thirsty creatures keep occupying new territories. Theseus, the hero of this game, arrived in a small European town and got into the very middle of such a battle. Of course Theseus immediately joins the fight against the aliens.

There are 4 types of monsters that are seen in this game that aren't seen in Alien Shooter:

1. Acid spitting mini dragons.

2. Little exploding crab aliens.

3. Minotaur(Boss)

4. Queen(Final Boss)

There are 6 weapons in this game:

1. Revolvers: Low damage, medium accuracy, fast fire rate, and UNLIMITED AMMO.

2. Shotgun: This shoots 10 bullets that each do less damage than the revlovers. It can easily hit aliens. Can kill multiple weak aliens each shot. It has a low rate of fire.

3. Grenade Launcher: Launches grenades that do as much damage as the shotgun. It makes a little explosion on impact, making it effective against crowds of weak enemies.

4. Machine Gun: Fast ROF weapon. Each damage does the same amount as the shotgun(Wow! 3 weapons that do the same damage!) and is as accurate as the revolvers. Effective at close range. It's good for both large crowds AND tough enemies. It also carries alot of ammo.

5. Rocket Launcher: Launches rockets that appear as smoking fireballs. It does way more damage than the 3 musketeers above and especially the revolvers. It also makes a big explosion which makes it very effective against large crowds of both weak enemies and weaker armored infantry. The high damage also makes it effective against weaker armored infantry, but not the heavier ones(with lasers).

6. Ion Cannon: This is the most powerful weapon in the game. It's not quite as powerful as the Magma Minigun, but it's like the flamethrower with range. It's effective against EVERYTHING! As soon as you get this gun, the campaign mode gets way easier. Twice the damage as the rocker launcher, fire rate of the machine gun, and explosion radium of the grenade launcher makes this one beast of a weapon. Shoots blue ion bolts that trail.


Survival mode in this game is in a field. There are some features, such as burrows on the top-left, trees on the top-right, a cabin on the bottom-right, and a truck with exploding canisters on the bottom-left. Survive mode in this game is harder because instead of getting a machine gun from the blue walker, you get a grenade launcher; instead of getting a plasma rifle from the blue spider, you get a machine gun; and instead of getting a flamethrower from the blue armored walker, you get a rocket launcher. And the ion cannon is not quite as powerful as the magma minigun.